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Polina Streltsova, cellist and...

When I moved to Paris from Moscow in 2013, I never imagined how my interests would grow. I became determined to learn and develop various skills, whether they be cello-related or not.

While searching perfection in classical cello playing, I found
myself singing, collaborating with colleagues in theater, dancing, and
performing free improvisation; I needed to find a certain freedom and
expressiveness that I could not obtain solely by playing classical cello.

Now when I perform, I aim to speak by the music, as if I were an
actor playing a character and the music was the text. I like the idea
that, when felt and spoken sincerely, music is the universal language,
understood by all nations, languages, ages, and social classes.

I believe, nevertheless, that today we need to invent another
way to present the classical music to the public. That's why, while
continuing giving recitals in a traditional form, I participate also in
experimental projects mixing different arts and transforming a concert to a show, where the same pieces from classical repertoire are united by a story and are shown from a different perspective by scenography, light, insets of texts and vocal allusions.

The voice takes special place in my artistic activity. I've always observed the singers with curiosity; their relation to the sound, breathing, phrasing. I realized that as an instrumentalist, I had no idea of the sound that comes from the inside.
So I began to take singing lessons; and I learned to think of sound as a vibration; as a breath; as a physical action. Before this realization, I
conceptualized playing the cello as an external experience. Today, I
project the sound of my cello as it if were my own voice transmitted
with the mediation of an instrument.

I believe that artists cannot freeze themselves inside their art.
It’s not enough to say “Hello, I play cello very well, look how hard
I've been working since my early childhood…” General level of technique has increased so much those last years that it's not any more exceptional.
We must look to other disciplines, activities, and life
stories to understand how the world is built and to communicate it from the stage.

So, on my website you will find a gallery illustrating my current activities, ranging from recordings of classical repertoire to descriptions of various alternative projects I'm taking part in as a cellist, a singer, and (occasionally) a dancer. There is also a schedule of my upcoming concerts and my repertoire list.
You also can download my artistic biography from here.

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